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Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Under £500 UK

Have you ever wished that you could have indulgent coffee shop-level drinks at home without having to make a trip to the coffee shop? This wish can easily become a reality with bean to cup machines.

Bean to cup coffee machines automate all steps of the drink-making process for you. Grinding beans, brewing espresso, and frothing milk are all performed with the push of a button.

As you might imagine, though, these machines get quite expensive. But that doesn’t mean that it’s totally impossible for you to have one.

If you’re on a budget, we’ve found a few of the best bean to cup coffee machines under £500. That way, you can enjoy the ultimate degree of convenience without having to bend your budget.

Quick Chart

If you’re in a hurry, you can get a quick overview of all the bean to cup coffee machines and some of their basic features in the chart below.


Water Tank Capacity

Bean Hopper Capacity


5 Litres

4 Litres

36 H x 25 W x 53cm



43 x 35.1 x 23.8 cm

1.8 Litres

275 Grams

43.3 x 37.1 x 24.6 cm

1.1 Litres

300 Grams

44 x 36 x 24 cm

1.2 Litres

125 Grams

38 x 39 x 25.3 cm

Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Under £500 in the UK

Melitta Espresso & Coffee Machine

Melitta Espresso and Coffee Machine

Melitta is a manufacturer that makes some of the greatest bean to cup machines on the market. One example of their prowess is this polished and elegant model.

Its control panel has been pared down so that anyone can use it even if they’ve never used such a coffee maker before. You can adjust the strength and size of your drinks by touching the three buttons on the panel.

Prior to brewing, each drink is pre-soaked for a brief period of time, as well. This ensures that the coffee grounds are settled so the water can reach every single particle, leading to a bolder flavour in the cup.


• Simple controls.

• Pre-soaks all the grounds to create a more balanced extraction.

• Will automatically turn itself off so you don’t accidentally leave it running.


• None reported yet.

DeLonghi ECAM Coffee Machine

This one is right on the edge of the budget limit we set for the guide, so we’re pushing it slightly by having it here. Nonetheless, we felt it was absolutely worth mentioning. De’Longhi is another one of the top manufacturers when it comes to bean to cup models.

To start with, the DeLong ECAM has a brilliant look. Its white exterior with chrome and black accents would look smart in just about any home kitchen.

One feature that makes this machine different from many competitors is that it has a separate milk preparation system. Because the milk frother is on its own system, you don’t need to wait for the machine to be finished brewing before you can foam milk. This can be done at any time.


• It has an easy-to-read text display that anyone can use.

• It is always ready to froth milk for you.

• You can use a water filter in the machine to improve the taste.

• There are five different strength levels you can experiment with.

• Can use whole bean or pre-ground coffee.


• Can be on the expensive side.

Philips 3200

If you want something easy to use without sacrificing on tons of customisation options, one machine we’d recommend is the Philips 3200. This is one of the later machines in a line of Philips bean to cup models that are designed with lower budgets in mind.

There are several aspects you can customise for each drink: the strength of the coffee flavour, the coffee volume, the amount of milk foam if you’re frothing milk, and the temperature of the coffee.

Plus, the machine comes with a few recipes already built right in. You can make a single or double shot of espresso, black coffee, or an Americano. Then there’s a steaming button for when you want to add frothed milk to your drink.

Another aspect you’ll love is how durable the machine is. It uses ceramic grinding burrs in the grinder, which makes it possible for the grinder to easily reach 20,000 cups before the burrs need to be replaced.


• There are long-lasting ceramic burrs in the grinder.

• It has four customisable drink options and a steam button for frothing milk.

• You can adjust the temperature, strength, volume, and amount of milk foam.

• The grinder has 12 different grind levels so you can perfectly brew a variety of coffee blends.

• There’s an airtight lid on top of the bean hopper to keep your coffee fresher longer.

• Compatible with AquaClean water filters.


• You will have to foam your milk separately and add it to your espresso.

DeLonghi ECAM Dinamica

You can easily see what we mean about De’Longhi being one of the foremost bean to cup machine companies. We’re including another one of their models on the list!

The Dinamica ECAM comes at an incredibly affordable price, but still retains all the flexibility of the ECAM. Like the ECAM, for instance, it has five coffee strength levels for you to tailor your drinks with.

One big difference is the manual foaming. The other ECAM will add milk foam to your drink for you, whereas the Dinamica requires you to foam your milk on the side and pour it into your espresso.


• Capable of brewing two cups at the same time.

• Sleek touchscreen panel gives the machine a modern feel.

• You can personalise your drinks with five different coffee flavour levels.

• Can use both pre-ground and whole bean coffee.


• It does not automatically add the milk foam to your drinks for you.

Melitta Passione

The Melitta Passione is one of the most inexpensive bean to cup machines we were able to find. For its price, though, you still get a lot of convenient and powerful features.

It has an effortless automatic milk frother. Just put the tube in your milk, press the steam button, then wait for it to generate smooth milk froth.

Another benefit to this machine is how incredibly compact it is. It was created with small spaces in mind, so it may even still be viable for you if your kitchen is a bit cramped.


• Has several recipes it can prepare: hot milk, hot water, milk foam, black coffee, espresso, and lungo.

• There are five different grind fineness levels so you can prepare more types of coffee with the machine.

• It can brew two black coffees simultaneously.

• You can customise the coffee strength and temperature.


• It does not automatically combine the milk and coffee for you.

What to Consider When Buying a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Under £500

Drink Menu

Bean to cup machines aren’t all equipped to handle the same beverages. Some may not even foam milk at all and may just be used to brew a cup of black coffee or espresso from start to finish for you.

Because of the wide variety in bean to cup designs, take a look at the recipes each machine can make. You may prefer one with automatic latte or cappuccino recipes, as an example, if those are the drinks you always order at coffee shops.

Water Tank Capacity

Easily one of the foremost features to pay attention to with bean to cup machines is their water tank capacity. The size of a machine’s water tank will be one of its greatest limitations.

Water is necessary for both brewing coffee and steaming milk. If your coffee machine has a smaller water tank, you’ll find yourself refilling it more often – especially if you make drinks frequently. That isn’t necessarily a problem, but you may feel that it’s inconvenient.

Try looking for larger water tanks if you’re going to share the machine or brew multiple drinks a day. This will reduce the number of refills that would otherwise disrupt your brewing process.

Bean Hopper Capacity

The size of your machine’s water tank isn’t the only aspect in which capacity is crucial. You may also want to determine the machine’s coffee bean hopper capacity for similar reasons.

If the coffee machine holds less beans, the number of times you need to refill it will increase. This is even truer the more often you or anyone else makes drinks on the machine.

A larger hopper is more prudent for frequent users or households in which the machine will be shared. You may find a smaller hopper better for you if you won’t be using the machine as often.

Pre-Ground Coffee Compatibility

Most bean to cup models support use of pre-ground coffee, but this isn’t always the case. For that reason, think about whether it’s important to you that you be able to use both whole bean and ground coffee.

The main reason you’d want to have access to both is variety. Say, for example, that you prefer caffeinated coffee in the morning but decaf at night. If your machine didn’t allow you to use ground coffee, you’d have to empty the hopper of beans and swap them out for a decaf blend.

Obviously, that’s inconvenient. If you want to be able to use multiple types of coffee without emptying the hopper in between them, look for a machine that can use ground coffee.


Last but certainly not least, the size of the machine itself is always a valid consideration. Our homes are cluttered with more and more equipment as time goes on. Your kitchen is no exception.

In kitchens packed with appliances, it’s a good idea to carefully research the size of any new pieces before you purchase them. That applies to coffee machines, as well.

The dimensions for each coffee machine will be listed on their product page. Don’t forget to compare them with the space you have available so you get something that fits in.

Wrap Up

The main reason anyone chooses a bean to cup coffee machine is convenience. These machines are like having a miniature barista sitting on your counter. They will take care of all steps for you, from grinding beans to foaming milk.

That’s why we would say the best bean to cup coffee machine is the one that is the most convenient. If we had to choose the best one on this list, we’d recommend the De’Longhi ECAM Coffee Machine because its convenience outranks the others on this list.

It is the only machine here that will truly brew everything for you with one touch. It will even add the milk to your drink for you once it’s done.

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