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Best Coffee Machines Under £100 UK

One of the most disheartening things is finding something that’s perfect for your home, then checking the price tag…and realising it’s out of range. If you’re lucky, maybe it will go on sale eventually, and you’ll get to add your dream appliance, furniture, or whatever it is to your home.

Or maybe it will stay the same price seemingly forever, and you’ll eventually forget about it.

We believe that good coffee should be available to everyone, regardless of your price range. Don’t worry about putting coffee machines on a wishlist and waiting for the price to drop, because we’ve pulled together some of the best coffee machines under £100.

Let’s show you what we’ve found.

Quick Chart

No time for reading right now? We’ve got you covered. Scan the chart below to see the coffee machines we picked, as well as some basic information about them.


Brewing Method

Water Tank Capacity

Serving Sizes


Filter Coffee

1.5 Litres


34.5 x 25 x 18.5cm


1.2 Litres


32 x 27 x 26cm

Filter Coffee

1.25 Litres


26 x 16.3 x 30.5cm

Filter Coffee


Travel Mug

32.2 x 22.5 x 16cm



Single or Double Shot

30.1 x 15 x 22cm

Filter Coffee

1.7 Litres


36 x 23.1 x 22.2cm

Best Coffee Machines Under £100

Taste & Style Filter Coffee Machine

Taste and Style Filter Coffee Machine

The Taste and Style Filter Coffee Machine has a particularly fitting name. Its slender profile with black accent and steel sides give it a look of refinement that is unmatched in many other coffee machines.

It’s an excellent pick for anyone who doesn’t want to be rushed when it comes to enjoying a pot of coffee. With its built-in warming plate, each pot of coffee can be kept warm even longer.

That means you can brew a full 12-cup pot of coffee to enjoy over the course of a leisurely morning. Working from home doesn’t have to mean you can’t savour mugs of “office” coffee.


• Warming plate enables it to keep coffee warm.

• Brews up to 12 cups of coffee in a single carafe.

• Its brewing head has 17 holes so it can soak each filter and fully extract the flavour.

• There are optional coffee strength levels for you to taste.


• None reported yet.

Haverill 1.2L Espresso and Coffee Machine

Do you love both coffee and espresso? With the Haverhill Espresso & Coffee Machine, you’ll never need to choose between these two coffee classics, because it can easily make both.

If you want to take it up a level and make milk-based drinks like cappuccinos, that’s a possibility, too. The machine has a milk frother on the side that can help you perfectly texture milk for an indulgent cappuccino in your own kitchen.

It has more than just the milk frother going for it in regard to coffee shop drinks, too. Thanks to its ability to brew at up to 15 bars of pressure, it’s able to extract each shot of espresso you brew to its fullest potential.


• The Haverhill prepares both espresso and coffee seamlessly.

• There’s a milk frother on the side for making drinks like lattes.

• Its removable water tank is easy to refill.

• Includes a permanent filter.


• Some owners feel that the drinks it makes are too small.

Scandi Filter Coffee Machine

Why settle for bulky and ugly appliances when you can have gorgeous ones like the Scandi? It’s not every day that you see coffee makers with faux wooden accents like this one.

The handle is more than just attractive, though. It’s designed to shield your hand from hot coffee temperatures, so you can safely pour yourself a mug at any time.

It’s a good option for busy households. The anti-slip feet on the bottom will keep the machine firmly in place, so if you’re bustling around your kitchen, you don’t need to worry about accidentally sliding it around.


• It has a warming plate to keep pots of coffee up to temperature.

• Beautiful wooden accents on the handle and power button.

• Sold in two pretty colours.

• Its anti-slip feet will keep it stable on your counter.


• Some customers reported that components on the coffee maker were fragile.

If you’ve looked at bean to cup coffee makers before, you’ve probably come to expect that they’re all expensive automated latte makers. This doesn’t have to be true for all of them, as this Innoteck model demonstrates handily.

The Innoteck will take care of all parts of brewing a mug of black coffee. It will grind your beans and brew them for you, pouring the result into a travel mug that comes along with the machine.

It only brews single servings, however, so if you’re looking to make batches, this isn’t the machine for you. But if all you need is a personal coffee maker to whip up fresh travel mugs full of coffee for you, the Innoteck is a great contender.


• It has an integrated grinder so you can brew with freshly ground beans.

• Includes a thermal travel mug that will keep your coffee warm for you.

• You can programme it to brew cups of coffee at specific times.

• Its illuminated LCD display makes it operable even in dim lighting.

• Compact design can squeeze in anywhere you need it to.


• None reported yet.

Cavaletto Espresso and Coffee Machine

Are you afraid that you could never have an espresso maker at home because of how much space these machines tend to take up? No need to worry because there are amazingly small-scale options like the Cavaletto for you to consider.

Despite its small size, the Cavaletto can still prepare generous portions for you, especially if you use the milk foamer on the side. In fact, it can brew up to four shots of espresso in a single cycle. You’re certainly free to drink all of them yourself, but we think they would be excellent split between two drinks.

It’s also a surprisingly attractive little machine. With the rose gold-coloured bands wrapped around its exterior, it has a boutique look that you’ll love displaying on your counter or in your office.


• It can brew up to four shots of espresso at once.

• There’s a milk foamer on the side for making creamy milk-based drinks.

• Compact size so you can put it anywhere.

• Alluring metallic bands make the machine look elegant.

• You can slide the drip tray off for comfortable and quick cleaning in between uses.


• None reported yet.

Gastroback Design Coffee AromaPlus

Have you ever had any equipment or appliances that were difficult to operate because of how tiny the buttons were? If you’ve ever dealt with the frustration of accidentally pressing the wrong buttons over and over again, you’ll love this Gastroback coffee maker.

On the front, it has an extra-large and crisp LED display. Since it’s so spacious in size, it’s a cinch to see what you’re pressing and to navigate its settings.

That’s not the only aspect that makes it beginner-friendly. Making sure your coffee machine is kept topped off with water is important, and the Gastroback’s front-facing water indicator turns this into an easy process.


• There’s a water level indicator on the front so you can quickly check whether the tank needs water.

• It has a large LED display that you can easily read and control.

• Ergonomic carafe keeps your wrists comfortable while your pour yourself a cup.

• You can programme the machine to brew at specific times.


• No reported issues yet.

What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Machine Under £100

Brewing Method

Even when you search with a specific price point in mind, there are still plenty of coffee machines out there to choose from. Given the wide variety of ways in which coffee can be brewed, it’s not surprising that there are even more machines designed to brew in all those ways.

How do you like to get your caffeine in? Are you a latte drinker, or do you prefer a simple cup of black coffee?

That should probably be one of the first questions you ask yourself. Consider getting one of the small espresso machines on our list if you’d prefer espresso or milk-based drinks. On the flipside, a filter coffee maker will be excellent for you if all you want is an uncomplicated mug of coffee to energise you.


Another important aspect to think about is the size of the coffee machine. Our homes are packed with so many other things. Don’t waste your time investing in something you’ll just have to ship back when you discover it’s too large or small for your needs.

Start by picking out a location in your home for the coffee machine. Measure it with measuring tape, then make a note of the exact measurements. Compare these to any coffee maker you look at, so you don’t end up picking something that you’re forced to return.

Ease of Use

You should also ask yourself how comfortable and experienced you are with coffee machines. Have you used them a lot, or will this be one of your first ones?

In the latter situation, think about getting uncomplicated machines that perhaps only have a few settings for you to tinker with. You may also find yourself more comfortable operating touchscreens rather than looking all over the machine for hidden buttons.

Those who are a bit more experienced in the world of coffee will have a better understanding of what they want from each cup. You may want a machine that gives you an array of options to choose, such as coffee strength and size.

Serving Sizes

No two people are exactly alike, nor are any two days. One day, you might want just a single mug of coffee…and then on other days, you may be shocked to find yourself several mugs in to get yourself through.

Because our needs and desires differ day by day, think about how much coffee you’ll want on average. If you want only single servings here and there, an individualised espresso machine should do the trick nicely.

But if you want whole pots of coffee to pour larger cups, share with groups, or just last you yourself for hours at a time, a filter coffee machine is more logical.

Wrap Up

As you can see from this list, there’s no need to feel like good coffee is hopelessly out of reach just because you’re on a budget. There are plenty of affordable coffee makers out there that will provide you consistently delicious coffee without tearing into your wallet.

We personally love the look of the Cavaletto Espresso and Coffee Machine. Not only does it look like a work of art, but we’re intrigued by the fact it brews up to four shots of espresso at once. This is perfect for making drinks to share with a loved one.

Plus, the milk frother on the side is a must-have for anyone who likes something a bit more indulgent than your average cup of coffee.

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