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Best Coffee Machines Under £200 UK

Are you a coffee lover who feels that getting a coffee machine of their own is way too expensive? Have you ever worried that the only way you can get affordable coffee is from the office coffee machine?

It’s true that coffee machines can be costly. However, the good news is that there are so many available, there also plenty of coffee machines that are surprisingly inexpensive.

If you’re on a budget or you’re looking for a reasonably priced gift, we’ve found the best coffee machines under £200 in the UK. We’ll tell you why we picked each one and recommend our overall favourite, as well.

Quick Chart

In the event you’re short on time, you can cut out the reading by looking at the small chart below. The chart shows you the machines we picked and some of their features.


Machine Type

Water Tank Capacity

Serving Sizes



0.8 Litres


30.5 x 30 x 30.5cm

Espresso and Filter Coffee Machine

1.2 Litres


32 x 27 x 26cm


1.1 Litres

Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large

28 x 14.5 x 41.7cm

Filter Coffee

1.25 Litres

26 x 16.3 x 30.5cm

Filter Coffee


Travel Mug

32.2 x 22.5 x 16cm 

Filter Coffee

1.5 Litres


34.5 x 25 x 18.5cm

Filter Coffee



42 x 24 x 20cm



Espresso or Lungo

20.5 x 29 x 8cm

Best Coffee Machines Under £200 in the UK

Moderna Espresso & Coffee Machine

Moderna Coffee Machine

The Moderna Espresso and Coffee Machine can be described as the best of both worlds. Many people take their coffee in one of two ways: as caffeine-packed espresso, or as black coffee with add-ins.

With the Moderna machine, you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can do both.

Every drink you make will also be as potent and fresh as possible. This is because the machine has a generously sized grinder built into it. Prior to brewing any cup of coffee, you can freshly grind your favourite beans so you get the best flavour.

You’re basically getting three machines in one here: a grinder, espresso machine, and traditional coffee machine.


• The Moderna machine can brew both espresso and coffee.

• It has a coffee grinder built in, so you get the freshest possible taste.

• You can purchase the machine in black, white, or red.

• It will automatically turn itself off so you can’t leave it running.

• The drip tray is removable for quicker cleaning.

• Capable of frothing milk for you.


• Some owners said the instructions were a little confusing.

Haverill 1.2L Espresso and Coffee Machine

This Haverhill coffee machine is much like the previous one on the list. It also is designed to offer you both black coffee and espresso based on whatever your craving is.

The main difference is that the Haverhill lacks an integrated grinder. If you want to be sure your coffee is the most flavourful it can be, then, you may want to consider investing in a good grinder separately. However, as a result of not having a grinder built in, the Haverhill is even more affordable.

Plus, it brews at up to 15 bars of pressure. That puts its brewing pressure on par with a machine you’d find in an actual coffee shop.


• Can prepare both coffee and espresso.

• Brews at up to 15 bars of pressure for a balanced extraction.

• You can fit a travel mug beneath the coffee side.

• There’s a milk frother attached to the machine.

• Includes a permanent filter.


• Some feel that the cups it brews are too small.

Lavazza Idola

If you don’t have a lot of experience brewing your own coffee or you’re often in a rush, you may want to consider a pod machine like the Lavazza Idola. Pod machines brew drinks using pre-portioned capsules rather than requiring you to use your own whole bean or ground coffee.

As a result, you can get a luxurious beverage just by choosing a pod and pressing a few buttons. The Idola was created to give you options so you still have a lot of control over the process.

For example, you’ll be able to choose four different drink sizes. Small, medium, large, and extra-large are all possibilities to ensure you get exactly as much coffee as you need.

You can also choose the strength of your coffee’s flavour. If you want something that will taste strong, simply up the strength. On the other hand, if you want something that will blend into your milk better, you’ll have the ability to tone the flavour down.


• It has easy-to-use touchscreen controls.

• Sold in two sleek colours.

• The Idola allows you to adjust the size and strength of your drinks.

• It will automatically turn itself off after nine minutes of no brewing.


• None reported yet.

Scandi Filter Coffee Machine

Are you tired of filter coffee machines that look unattractive and boring? Then you’ll love the Scandi Filter Coffee Machine, which has an utterly unique look.

It has smooth, rounded edges and a chrome-coloured lid that give it a softly modern appeal. What really makes it stand out, though, are the wooden accents on the handle and the power button. These wood accents give the machine a natural feel that you don’t commonly find.

Of course, the machine is more than just good-looking – it brews a good cup of coffee, too. In fact, it can brew up to ten cups at once so you’ll have plenty to share…or keep to yourself.


• Unique wooden accents give the machine a more natural aesthetic.

• It has anti-slip feet so you can’t accidentally knock it over.

• Can brew batches up to ten cups.

• Its glass carafe is durable.

• The wood accent on the handle prevents you from being burnt by the hot coffee.


• There are some reports of parts of the machine being a little flimsy.

Innoteck Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

We recommend the Innoteck coffee maker for anyone who just wants a personal coffee machine for black coffee. It comes with everything you need to brew a travel mug full of coffee – except for the beans!

This machine takes the phrase “bean to cup” seriously. Simply pour your favourite beans into the top, and the machine will grind enough to make a single serving for you to take on the road with you or jumpstart your morning at home.

You’ll even get a thermal travel mug with the Innoteck. The travel mug comes with a sealed lid, as well, so you can comfortably sip a coffee while you’re on the move without the fear of spilling.


• The machine has an integrated grinder.

• Comes with a thermal travel mug that it’s designed to brew into.

• You can programme it to brew drinks up to 24 hours in advance.

• Its funnel, filter, and drip tray are all removable so you can clean them.

• Because of its small size, it can fit just about anywhere.

• It has a permanent filter, so you don’t need to buy paper ones.


• You’ll have to clean it after every single use, since it doesn’t have a self-cleaning method or internal storage for used coffee grounds.

Taste and Style Filter Coffee Machine

With its sleek and high-tech touchscreen display, we couldn’t help adding the Taste & Style Filter Coffee Machine to this guide. It almost looks like a coffee machine and a smartphone combined into one cutting-edge machine.

Beyond its thoroughly modern design, it’s also simply just a useful coffee machine. It can brew up to a dozen cups, which is plenty to share when you have guests to entertain.

Furthermore, it has an aroma system that allows you to adjust the strength of your coffee. This means you can have milder or stronger coffee flavours based on your personal preferences at any given time.

When it comes time to brew, the machine has a brewing head with seventeen holes. Since it has so many holes for water to come out of, every single grain of coffee is soaked for a full flavour.


• It has a warming plate to keep pots of coffee warmer longer.

• Seventeen holes in the brewing head fully soak each filter of coffee grounds for a full-bodied flavour.

• It can brew up to a dozen cups of coffee.

• You have the option of adjusting the strength of the coffee’s flavour.

• The touchscreen panel is easy to use.


• None reported yet.

Grind and Brew Pro

Do you often have guests over at your house who like to socialise over cups of coffee? The Grind & Brew Pro could be a perfect match for your needs, then.

This machine has everything you need to whip up a fresh batch of coffee. At the top, you’ll find an integrated grinder and at the bottom, you’ll find a large thermal carafe that keeps each batch hot for hours.

It’s perfect for entertainers or people who like to spend hours savouring a single batch.


• Built-in grinder for brewing fresh coffee from scratch.

• It uses a thermal carafe that will keep coffee hot longer.

• You can adjust the strength of your coffee’s flavour.

• You don’t need to buy paper filters, as it includes a permanent one.

• It can be programmed to brew a batch up to 24 hours in advance.

• It’s easy to operate it, thanks to its LCD touchscreen display.


• No reported issues.

Essenza Single Cup Machine

Don’t have much room for a coffee machine? That’s still not a problem when there are options like the Essenza Single Cup Machine.

With a width of just 8cm, this tiny little coffee maker can fit on just about any flat surface. Put it on your bedstand, put it on your work desk, or cram it onto the end of your counter – you’ll likely find that you’re able to slide it into place just fine.

It’s one of the smallest pod machines you’ll find anywhere. By nature, it’s also one of the easiest to use machines, since all you need to do is insert a pod and press one of the two buttons on top to start brewing.


• It has an ultra-small size that’s perfect for cramped spaces.

• Because it’s a pod machine, anyone can learn to use it.

• The machine can heat up in just 25 seconds.

• It will automatically turn itself off so you can’t accidentally leave it running.


• Its small size means it has a small water tank, so it may not be best for serving groups of people.

What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Machine Under £200

Brewing Method

Sure, a large budget will make the coffee machine possibilities virtually endless. However, there are still tons of options for you when you’re looking for something as inexpensive as possible, too.

To help narrow down your choices to a more manageable number, think about which brewing method and type of drink you prefer. For instance, a drip coffee machine isn’t suitable for you if you like lattes. A pod or espresso machine, on the other hand, would work for you.

Similarly, you wouldn’t want an espresso machine if you want drip or black coffee. It would be better to get a pod machine or a filter coffee machine in that case.

Water Tank Size

The number of drinks you can make at one time is inhibited by the size of your coffee machine’s water tank. If it has a larger water tank, it can brew more drinks in a row before you need to stop for a refill.

We would recommend looking for machines with a water tank over a single litre in size if you’ll be brewing often throughout the day or sharing the machine with others. A water tank smaller than this is better for those who want a more compact machine for small spaces.


There are a number of factors that contribute to how user-friendly a machine is. How it’s controlled is one example. Many may find a touchscreen easier to use simply because touchscreens are ubiquitous these days; just about everyone has used a smartphone at some point.

The range of settings you need to use can also impact how simple a coffee machine is. A single-button pod machine could be better for someone who doesn’t have the time to fuss with settings. On the flipside, you may want as many options as possible if you’re a little more experienced when it comes to brewing coffee.


Exactly how restrictive is your budget? We did our best to find machines under £200, but it’s entirely possible that you’re looking for coffee makers even less expensive than that.

An excellent starting point is defining your exact budget. Consider how much you can spend comfortably before looking at machines, and you’ll know precisely which ones you can eliminate from the field of candidates.


The size of an appliance is always worth thinking about. No one wants to have to deal with the hassle of returning something they ordered online and waited to receive in the post.

Before you even begin looking at coffee machines, determine where you would put one. Once you have space picked out for the machine, measure it. Doing so will ensure you end up with a machine that fits into the room you have available.

Wrap Up

Budget coffee machines don’t have to be low in quality or useless. Affordable machines can be excellent, cementing their roles as cornerstones in your daily routine.

As an example, consider the Grind & Brew Pro Filter Coffee Machine, which is our favourite one in the guide. It has all the components necessary to brew a delicious, steaming batch of coffee. With its sleek looks, easy touchscreen panel, and quality integrated grinder, we think it’s excellent for ensuring that everyone in your home gets fresh and delicious coffee time and time again.

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