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9 Best Home Coffee Machine UK

If you’re looking for a coffee machine you can use at home, you’ll need something completely different from what you’d normally find in a coffee shop. Although you could technically put a commercial-scale espresso machine in your home, it would likely be much more than you need!

We suggest looking for coffee makers that are smaller, more affordable, and easier to use. But where do you begin looking for a good home coffee machine?

We’ve done much of the researching and looking for you. We’ve gathered several of the best home coffee machines for the UK in this post.

Let’s take a closer look…

Quick Chart

If you’re in a rush and want to skip the read, check out the chart below for our recommended machines and some of their features.


Brewing Method

Water Tank Capacity


Bean to Cup

1.8 Litres

23.8 x 43 x 35.1 cm

Traditional Espresso Machine

2.7 Litres

25.5 x 36.8 x 31.5 cm


1.7 Litres

34.9 x 22 x 32.5 cm


1.7 Litres

16.8 x 39.5 x 36 cm


1.8 Litres

37.5 x 28.5 x 36 cm


1.38 Litres

23.4 x 25.8 x 44.2 cm

Bean to Cup

1.7 Litres 

42.8 x 37.3 x 24.9 cm


0.8 Litres

17.1 x 32.5 x 22.8 cm


0.6 Litres

32.5 x 11 x 20.5 cm

Features to Reference in chart: Brewing Method, Water Tank Capacity, Dimensions, Drink Sizes, Accessories?

Best Home Coffee Machines for the UK

De’Longhi Magnifica S

De'Longhi Magnifica S, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, ECAM22.110.B, Black

If you’re a latte lover who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of learning to operate an espresso machine, the De’Longhi Magnifica could be a match made in heaven for you. As a bean to cup coffee machine, it was designed to take care of all steps for you, from grinding beans to frothing your milk.

Because of this, you can get popular coffee shop classics like lattes and cappuccinos quickly and effortlessly. You will need to add the milk to your espresso or vice versa, as the milk is foamed separately, but this is still much simpler than a traditional espresso machine.

Best of all, by definition, bean to cup machines have grinders built right into them. You’ll get to enjoy the potency of freshly ground coffee whenever you want a drink.


• Super automatic machine will grind beans, brew espresso, and froth milk for you.

• Even though it has a grinder built into it, it is still reasonably quiet.

• Its 1.8-litre water tank allows you to prepare several drinks in a row before a refill is necessary.

• The machine automatically rinses all parts that touch milk with steam after use.

• You can use it to dispense hot water for tea.

• It’s compatible with whole beans and ground coffee.


• It doesn’t have a milk pitcher, so you will need to buy one for frothing milk.

• You’ll need an adaptor for the plug, as it uses a European plug.

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Lelit Anita Espresso Machine

Lelit Traditional Espresso Machine

What if you want exactly the same coffee experience you’d get from a coffee shop? A filter coffee machine or bean to cup one won’t give you the same feeling of manually building each drink yourself from scratch.

However, this Lelit Anita espresso machine will deliver that experience to you. If you’re willing to learn how to operate an espresso machine, this one will give you total control over each drink you make.

Like the De’Longhi machine mentioned above, this espresso machine has a built-in grinder. This means you won’t have to splurge on buying a grinder in order to use it.

Furthermore, its brass boiler and stainless steel case grant it longevity. You can expect to have this sleek little espresso machine for years to come.


• It has an integrated grinder so you won’t need to buy one separately.

• Made from sturdy metal components.

• Includes a built-in tamper for packing your portafilter.

• Has PID temperature controllers so you can adjust the internal temperature of the machine.

• Will make you look and feel like a professional barista.


• As a semiautomatic espresso machine, it will be tricky to learn at first.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Special Edition

Nespresso 11389 Vertuo Plus Special Edition Red, by Magimix, Coffee Capsule Machine - 3 Months of Coffee and an Aeroccino

One of the easiest types of coffee machines to master is a pod machine like the Nespresso Vertuo Plus. Instead of having to worry about grinding your own coffee, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of pre-ground servings called pods.

If you’re worried that this means you’re sacrificing the flexibility of being able to choose from any type of coffee, don’t be. Nespresso has a huge range of pods to choose from, catering to all tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, if you don’t like the Special Edition of the Vertuo Plus, there are a few other bundles you can choose from. Some come with just the machine and others include a milk frother so you can easily make milk-based drinks.


• Uses pods, which are simple and beginner-friendly.

• Nespresso offers a huge range of pods to choose from.

• Comes with a set of 12 Nespresso capsules for you to sample.

• One-touch button operation is easy to learn.

• The Nespresso pods are recyclable.


• Some owners have reported that Nespresso pods can be kind of expensive.

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Sage Precision Brewer

Sage Precision Brewer

There’s nothing wrong with brewing a simple and traditional pot of coffee. When all you want is a batch to share with friends and family, the Sage Precision Brewer could easily meet your needs.

It’s much more flexible than just brewing a simple pot, though. You’ll have six different brewing modes to taste: gold, fast, strong, cold, pour over, or My Brew.

And if you don’t want an entire pot, the Precision Brewer can handle that, too. It’s capable of brewing single servings that are perfect for when all you want is an uncomplicated mug of coffee.


• Multiple brewing mods makes it possible for the machine to prepare a wide range of drinks.

• Its tank capacity is 1.7 litres, so it can easily serve your guests and family.

• You can use it to brew single servings if you don’t want a whole carafe.

• With the programmable time, you can tell the machine to start brewing a cup for you in advance.


• None reported yet.

AICOK Filter Coffee Machine

AICOK Filter Coffee Machine, 1.8 Litre Drip Coffee Maker, 60s Fast Brewing, Programmable 24hr Timer, Keep Warm & Anti-Drip Function, Reusable Filter for Coffee and Tea Brewing, Stainless Steel, 900W

Need a simple way to brew pots of coffee regularly on a budget? The AICOK Filter Coffee Machine could fit your needs like a glove.

At a modest price, this coffee machine comes with a plethora of features you usually see in high-end models. For instance, it has a 24-hour programmable clock so you can set it up to brew pots in advance. Set it up before bed to brew the next morning, and wake up to find your home filled with the tantalising aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

It has a short warmup time, as well. You won’t need to wait long after turning it on to get started on a fresh batch of coffee.


• Large pot can hold up to 12 cups of coffee – plenty to share with the whole family.

• The carafe is made from borosilicate glass, which is sturdy and resistant to high and low temperatures.

• Has a 24-hour programmable clock so you can tell the machine to brew a batch ahead of time.

• Energy-efficient auto shutoff will prevent you from forgetting to turn the coffee machine off.

• Anti-drip feature stops the machine from leaving messy drips behind after you remove the pot to pour yourself a cup.

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• The 40-minute auto-shutoff feature shuts off the pot warmer, so you need to either keep turning it back on if you want to slowly finish a pot of coffee or you need to finish the pot within that timeframe.

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Melitta AromaFresh Filter Coffee Machine

Melitta AromaFresh Grind and Brew, 1021-01, Filter Coffee Machine, Glass Coffee Jug Included, Adjustable Grind Level and Intensity, Black/Stainless Steel

What caught our eye about this one is the fact that it’s a traditional coffee maker with a grinder built right in. Most coffee makers that prepare carafes of coffee will require you to purchase a grinder separately if you want to use whole bean coffee. That’s not true for the Melitta AromaFresh.

Another great element to its design is the visible water tank right on the side. Because the water tank is right where you can see it, you won’t be caught off guard by the unexpected need to refill the coffee maker’s reservoir.

Maintenance is just a part of owning a coffee maker. Luckily, you won’t need to guess when maintenance is necessary for the AromaFresh – it has indicator lights that will tell you when you need to descale it.


• Descale light will notify you the moment your machine requires descaling.

• It has a programmable timer so you can set it up to brew pots of coffee at specific times.

• Because it has a built-in grinder, you save money on having to buy one separately.

• There’s a crisp LCD screen on the front that helps you operate the machine.


• The water tank isn’t detachable, so it can sometimes be a bit tricky to refill.

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Siemens Coffee Machine

Siemens Coffee Machine

The Siemens is another excellent coffee machine for those who want the range of coffee shop favourites without having to learn to master an espresso machine. In fact, it reduces 7 different coffee drinks down to the push of a button. Make espresso, black coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, espresso macchiatos, and Americanos all by just pressing a single button.

It was specifically designed to be so easy that anyone can use it. Each drink you can make is illustrated with a clear, full-colour icon so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Ever thought your coffee was too bitter? This is a problem the Siemens can resolve, thanks to its AromaDouble Shot system. This system brews each shot in two stages, including double grinding and preparation. As a result, any nasty bitterness is removed before it can end up in your mug.


• Coloured icons on top of the machine show you exactly which button makes which drink.

• Makes seven different café favourites at the touch of a button.

• The milk container can be safely stored in the fridge if there is any leftover milk.


• None reported yet.

De’Longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Jovia Pod Machine

DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Jovia Pod Capsule Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and more,EDG250.R, Red

Some pod machines have drink sizes that are entirely dictated by the type of pod you choose. With the Jovia, you’re the one in total control of your drink size.

That’s because this pod machine has a manual lever on the back. Simply move it from side to side to brew a drink with either cold or hot water. When you’ve got exactly as much as you need, just move the lever back to the off position.

Another great quality to the Jovia is that it brews at 15 bars of pressure. That’s the same degree of pressure that is used to brew your favourite drinks at the local coffee shop.


• You can move the drip tray up and down to accommodate cups of various heights.

• Since it’s manual, you ultimately control the amount of coffee in your cup.

• Dolce Gusto pods are widely available, so you’ll never struggle to find more.

• Comes in two bold colours.

• It brews at 15 bars of pressure like a professional espresso machine.


• Since it is manually operated, you will need to be at the machine while it brews.

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Nespresso Essenza Mini

Nespresso 11377 Magimix Essenza Mini Black & Aeroccino, 1310 W, Black

Have you ever purchased an appliance for your kitchen, only to find out that it takes up way more counter space than you accounted for? If you’re concerned about the room you have to work with, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is worth your consideration.

This tiny pod machine was created to fit in on just about any counter or table. Measuring just 32.5 x 11 x 20.5cm, it won’t take up any more space than necessary.


• Its compact size makes it easy to find room for.

• Simple two-button operation means you can learn to use it quickly.

• The machine will turn itself off after nine minutes of inactivity.

• Comes with the Aeroccino milk frother.

• Can heat up in just 25 seconds.

• Sold in three stylish colour options.


• The machine is made mostly from plastic.

• Its water tank is small, so you’ll need to refill it often.

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What to Consider When Buying a Home Coffee Machine

Brewing Method

Coffee machines don’t all brew your favourite caffeinated beverage the same way. There are a few different types out there to consider that you may find preferable based on your needs.

For starters, bean to cup coffee machines are some of the easiest ones out there. They’re an all-in-one machine type that includes a grinder, brewer, and milk frother. Because they have everything you need, you can brew coffee shop classics like lattes from the comfort of your own home.

Pod machines are what we recommend most often for beginners. They use pre-ground servings of coffee in sealed pods. Some even have milk frothers attached so you can make cappuccinos or lattes.

Filter coffee machines are likely what most people think of when they imagine a coffee machine. These generally brew larger pots of coffee that are excellent for gatherings or offices.

Serving Sizes

You’ll want to think about how much coffee you like to drink at once or whether you’ll be sharing your machine with others. In the event your machine will need to provide refreshments for groups or will be shared with other people, you’ll likely want to ensure you have plenty of serving sizes available.

Not everyone will want a small cup. Some may even want to brew whole carafes of coffee. As far as serving sizes go, pod machines and bean to cup machines tend to be the most flexible.


Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you invested in a new coffee machine and found out it was too large for your counter?

Avoid this fiasco entirely by determining whether the machine will properly fit in your kitchen. Measure your counter or table ahead of time, then compare the measurements with the dimensions of the machine in question prior to purchase.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are tons of coffee machine options out there. No matter what your drink preferences are, there’s likely a coffee maker that’s perfect for your needs.

The one we recommend most on this list is the De’Longhi Magnifica S. We think it will most closely replicate the feeling of going to a coffee shop without requiring you to master using an espresso machine. Additionally, we love how easy it is to maintain – it won’t take a lot of time out of your day for you to keep the machine in tip-top shape.

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